Immigration Lawyers

In Canada, immigration lawyers specialize in a variety of immigration cases, such as applications for temporary residence and associated visitor visas, student visas, and Canadian work permits. Immigration lawyers also specialize in permanent residence applications by entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and investors. They also handle cases of family sponsorships, citizenship applications, and other visa applications.

Immigration lawyers offer a variety of immigration-related services, including litigation and immigration appeal services. These include immigration appeals and citizenship appeals made to the Immigration and Refugee Board, judicial review before the Federal Court, and others.

In some cases, it is fairly easy to fill out an application form without the help of a lawyer. This is the case when you apply for a Study Permit or a Temporary Resident Permit. Citizens of some countries, for example, Korea, Germany, and Japan, may fill out such applications without using the services of a lawyer. If you are a citizen of a country with high rejection rates, it is recommended to find a good immigration lawyer. In this case, careful preparation is required because immigrating becomes more complicated. If you have been arrested or detained, you may also need the help of a lawyer. In general, once you have decided to immigrate to Canada, immigration status can be secured in one of three ways. You can employ a consultant, use the services of a law firm, or do it on your own. Why is it recommended to use the services of an immigration lawyer? If you were to buy your first home, you would probably contact a real estate lawyer who will handle all paperwork so that there are no unpleasant surprises. The same is true for using the services of an immigration lawyer who makes sure the application process is as smooth as possible. The decision to leave your home country and start a new life in Canada is important. Given the investment of financial resources, time, and emotion that the immigration process involves, using the services of a lawyer is of great help. The lawyer ensures that the immigration process is as flawless, straightforward, expedient, and easy as possible.

Moreover, the immigration lawyer will ensure that the letters of reference you have are in compliance with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada's standard. The lawyer will make sure that your application form contains all the required information and is filled out correctly. In fact, many application forms are not filled correctly, which is a loss of time and money on your part. Immigration lawyers also draft written documents, which are required as part of your application package. They will also represent you and present arguments why you have to be issued a visa. In addition to these, immigration lawyers are in the position to advise clients of any changes to policies and procedures, regulations, and immigration laws that may have impact on their plans to immigrate, either negative or positive.

Finally, immigration lawyers will answer any questions you have regarding the application process. For example, is your spouse required to attend the interview? How do you prove your French/ English language abilities? Can you visit the country provided that your application is still in process? Can you include your child or children as accompanying dependents? Do you have to bring money with you to Canada and what is the required amount? What are your chances of getting interview waver and how long will the process take? While you may find some of the answers yourself, there are some specific questions, which are best answered by an immigration lawyer.